Post formdata problem

I’m having a slight problem with posting a form to webpage ‘subscribtion.php’
Name and email get subcribed, but not to the right list
subscriber must end up on list “3” — reg.value(“xyz_em_listIds”) = “3”

Dim g as new HTTPSocket Dim reg as new Dictionary reg.value("xyz_em_email") = user_email.text reg.Value("xyz_em_1") = user_name.text reg.value("htmlSubmit") = "Subscribe" reg.value("xyz_em_listIds") = "3" reg.value("xyz_em_fieldNameIds") = "1" g.setformdata(reg)"http://.............../subscription.php")

The html form below works fine:

Email Address *
----------------------------------- If anyone can point me in the right direction I'll be greatful.

Problem solved…