Post data to API


I am tried to communicate between xojo app with web app through API.
is it possible to do it in linuxmint by using linux terminal ?

it would be great if there are some samples to be follow.


You can communicate from the Desktop app with a URLConnection to your Web App.
The Web App would receive the message via the HandleURL event.

Example Projects/Web/WebService-HandleURL.xojo_binary_project shows how to capture things in the HandleURL event.

Example Projects/Communication/Internet/URLConnection/ has examples for using URLConnection.

However, this thread:

You can create a RAM drive and use FolderItems in your app to write and read it. But this won’t scale across machines.

yes, this kind of method that I am looking for.
I will try to play with this example.

What if the data is in JSON format, is it still possible to do it in xojo ?


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