Post Build Script (Windows 10)

According to the description here , I created a Post Script Build on my Windows 10 (current) laptop.

Unfortunately, the generated application does not have its icon. (oh, yes, that what I wanted to do…).

The build process created a folder called Resources that holds my png icon file.

After reading carefully the document (url above), I realize that the png image can be placed in other locations. So, I made a copy of that file to the “XYZ Libs” and “XYZ.exe” locations, close the application window, open it: no change.
I powered off the laptop, powered it on, open the application window and my application still have the Windows default icon for applications.

I searched in Xojo 2016r1.1 documentation and do not found a single information on how this can be (name of the application icon, image file type, etc.).

Unless if I am the only one who want to do that (Post Build Script to Copy the application Icon file), how are-you doing that (beside copying the icon in App.Icon) ?