Possible to have a UDPSoket with DTLS handshake?

The headline says almost all. I need to establish a UDP socket connection with a DTLS protocol enabled. UDPSocketMBS doesn’t seem to have that – maybe another of Christian’s classes does?

While I am still hoping for a solution: It was possible to edit a thread‘s title when you had a stupid typo in it, right?
I cannot. First I did not have the rights, next no edit icon anymore?!?!

You’re trying to prevent forged data correct? Perhaps using a diffie-hellman key exchange or any key-signature type system, where a middle-man can easily be detected might suffice? In essence, all that TLS/SSL do is encrypted/sign data in a transaction. The transaction/data is still fully visible to packet sniffing (ie WireShark) - only, you can tell if its been ‘manipulated.’ Is this for interoperability with another service?

Yes, it’s for service interoperability. With a service that is running locally …
I don’t understand the precautions, to be honest. For some reason Philips decided you do not only need an app user/key to authenticate but also establish an encrypted transmission for its Hue Entertainment API.
There is a C API too that could do that stuff internally but sadly I fail when I try to build it.