Possible Listbox bug

Event Open() Me.ColumnCount = 5 // could be any number greater than 1 Me.ColumnsResizable = True Me.HasHeading = True End

Event CellBackgroundPaint(...) g.ForeColor = DarkBevelColor g.DrawLine(g.Width - 1, 0, g.Width - 1, g.Height - 1) Return True End

When resizing a column the vertical line drawn in some of the columns in CellBackgroundPaint are drawn with a little offset of one pixel (to the left).

Sometime while resizing a column the lines all columns to the right of the one resized have a line jumping around (it’s just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right).

Has anybody seen that too?

You know that you can set vertical lines to be visible from the IDE, dont you? Dont need to draw these yourself

I’ve seen drawn lines and rectangles be off-by-one comparing Windows to Mac

Yes, I know that but you cannot change the color of these lines. Black is just too ugly when everything else in an application is in different grays (Mac). Hence the line g.ForeColor = DarkBevelColor.

What about the (on the window right) white “phantom” column ?
(two alternate background colours / fixed column size in pixels / resize, then shrink the window)

’bout shade of grey usage:
Oldsters and visual impaired peoples will suffer from these…

Not related to this issue.

[quote=347600:@Emile Schwarz]’bout shade of grey usage:
Oldsters and visual impaired peoples will suffer from these…[/quote]
Nothing on macOS is black (not even the fonts are). In System Preferences in the Accessibility section you can set a higher contrast – then you see how black lines and borders would look like.

Oblique Rocky Horror reference gets you extra bonus points!


Thank you for the tip, but I only need to get things in real black.

In my 13" Retina (screen set at 3360 x 2100), with my glasses, I read nearly everything perfectly, excepted when the color is grey (the difference between the print color and the background color is bad. I checked once to change the grey into real black and… what a difference !).

But here, we are far away from a “Possible Listbox bug”, doh ! Your question :frowning: (sorry)…