Possible issue with Xojo 2016R2 iOSTable

Xojo 2016 R2 added support for table row actions. Using iOSTable’s ActionsForRow and RowAction events.

Using the example in IOS / Controls / Table / TableEditing
I suspect an issue with iOSTable.ActionsForRow event and iOSTableDataSourceEditing.RowEditingCompleted function.

Run project
In the example mentioned above, clicking the “Edit” button, then on the red “-” (minus) icon, the ActionsForRow event is fired.
–> OK

Clicking the Delete, or More… button, nothing happens, although some delete code is written in the DataSource.RowEditingCompleted function
–> Not OK

If I edit the project a little and replace in RowEditingStyle event:

Return iOSTable.RowEditingStyles.Delete


Return iOSTable.RowEditingStyles.Insert

Run project
Clicking on the “+” (add) icon, ActionsForRow event never fires
–> Not OK

DataSource.RowEditingCompleted function is called
–> OK

I had actually added some code to the Table.ActionsForRow event. The example works as expected.

However it seems that as soon as some Actions are added to that event, DataSource.RowEditingCompleted function is never called.
Is this a bug or a feature ?

And ActionsForRow event doesn’t fire for RowEditingStyles.Insert style.
This isn’t documented in the Xojo dev center.

RowEditing is another chain (more or less) than rowActions
So DataSource.RowEditingCompleted is not called, for an action table.rowAction is called (but if you need from there you can call DataSource.RowEditingCompleted with the right parameter)

Ideally rowActions are for single row , table editing are for usually more rows involved like reorder or delete more items.
Actually is “strange”

Thank you Antonio