Portuguese, or Brazilian Portuguese?


Is it possible to distinguish between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese in Xojo? I can only find a Portuguese setting in the localisation settings. How do other users work?



Hi Lee,

I need to confess that I don’t know about this kind of localization… I can seek for some information about that, and post here, if I figure out how this can be made…


The problem I have is that dynamic constants only list a single ‘Portuguese’ in the Language dropdown menu.


As I mentioned in another context, at least on Mac, you will find a copy of each language’s strings in a file called (for example) pt.lproj for Portuguese in the bundle of your built application. You can cop this in a text editor and edit in the new values, naming the file pt-BR.lproj (for Brazilian Portuguese) or pt-PT.lproj (for Iberian Portuguese). Alternatively, create one version’s constants in a language you won’t really use, and rename the resulting file.

@Lee Badham There is a feature request for this here that I have signed on for;


If you could add this to your top cases, maybe it could get added quicker.