Popupmenu - How to Center?

I have popup menu on a Webapp and I would like to center the text. I created a style with a color change and to center the text. It shows at design time the correct color and centering the text BUT at run time the color changes but the centering does NOT work. I have tried two browsers (Safari and Chrome).

Is there a way to fix?

I am currently using an older version of Xojo on this app but will upgrade to the current version soon.

In Firefox works, but once you selected one option of the pull-down and it is displayed in the control, not while the options are pulled-down (there are left aligned).

Safari and Chrome don’t (Xojo 2018r2)

This is one of those areas where you have to style the control “just enough” to get it to work because the browsers render it as a native control. Usually it means applying a background color and a border color at minimum, but it varies from browser to browser.

I have not had much “good” luck getting a PopupMenu to center the contents. As Jos said it does work in Firefox with a variety of Xojo styles applied.

I have tried lots of combinations of style elements but in Safari it will not center the text. If I could figure out a style that worked for the major browsers then I could set it depending on the user and their specific browser.

For now I will just ignore the problem and maybe come back later. The Web App is usable but the PopupMenu is aligned between two buttons that both have centered captions so it looks a little odd.