PopupMenu display shortened text

For some reason, this is eluding me…

I have a MacOS PopupMenu in a limited space and I want to offer the user expanded selection criteria but I only want to display the selected key when chosen.

For instance, when dropped down the user sees “15435 • The Old Man and The Sea • 1952 • Hemingway”

But after selection I want the the popup to cleanly show only “15435”.

Problem is, if I add all the criteria to the rows, upon selection I get an ugly-looking popup with truncated text and an ellipsis.

Any way to achieve the desired result?

In SelectionChanged, you can set the short version (remove the selected row, insert the new one and select the row; have a boolean property set to true while you do all this so you ignore extra SelectionChanged events).
Then, in MouseDown, you can do the opposite: remove the short, displayed, version and replace it with the long version.

Oh yes, this works. A bit awkward but it works. Thanks for the tip.

You’re welcome.
Sometimes the awkward way is the only obvious one.