Popupmenu display direction

Can I do something to make PopupMenu listed up towards upper direction?
My Popupmenu is in the bottom line and there are so many items in the menu. it is just displayed to the below direction.

In OSX that works automatically.

Is this your way of saying “buy a mac”

No , turn your PC into a Hackintosh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hack what ? Not kosher :stuck_out_tongue: Verboten. Bad karma.

More seriously,
@changwon lee :

Here is what you do. Instead of a PopupMenu use a square standard button with caption “V”, next to a read only TextField , and in Action place this :

[code]Sub Action()
dim base as new menuitem
for i as integer = 0 to 20
base.append(new MenuItem( "Item No "+str(i)))

Dim popMenu As MenuItem
popMenu = base.Clone

Dim selectedMenu As MenuItem
selectedMenu = popMenu.Popup(239,20) // Left and top of the menu

Msgbox "You selected : "+selectedMenu.Text

End Sub

Popup shows the menu at the position you want. You get the selected item in SelectedMenu.Text