Popup menus in macOS BS

Since macOS BS the text in popup menus is 2 pixels higher than it was before. This is visible in “Emails in Bereich archivieren” which have the same top values. If I have a calendar next to a popup menu then everything looks a bit askew. See “Jünger als”. There I moved the popup menu 2 pixels down. If I move is another pixel down to get the texts to the same top then the popup menu as a whole looks further down than the calendar.

Any ideas how to make this look better?

Have you tried playing with the height? Like keeping the text aligned but having a different empty space inside the box?

Yes, that’s seems to fix the problem. I have had popup menus since forever with a height of 20. But 22 is better for BS. The default in the Xojo IDE also is 20.

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