Popup menu too tall, won't scroll

Doing a bit more testing of my app on a Raspberry Pi 4B (real, not emulated), I found that if I have a popup menu which is too tall for the screen, then unlike other OSes it won’t scroll properly. If I scroll down with the mouse wheeel then when the top menu item reaches the top of the screen it won’t scroll any further down or indeed up. This means that menus with for example a list of names become unusable with more than about 30 entries.

Anyone seen this before with the Pi or have any suggestions?

Hi I am having the same issue here, unable to use the popup menu control. Works fine if code is built in 2017r1.1.
I you find a solution please update this post.

Thanks Amit

as workaround use a extra window with a list.
so you have a text or label and beside a list button which opens the select window.

I ended up making my own popup menu, a combination of a ContainerControl with a canvas in it to draw an up/down arrow and some text for the menu.This operates in conjuction with a window containing a listbox to hold the menu items. With some code the thing has a subset of the methods and properties of a real popupmenu, so all I have to do to use it is to alter the super of any popupmenu to be that of my own popupmenu, with no other changes required. I made it work with the three instances of popups I use in the AddressBook I have in my app. These popups contain all the user’s nicknames for the AddressBook, so could be much taller than a screen.

I’ve not noticed a place here where we can post contributions for people to pick up, have I overlooked one or is there none. I could modify a website I have for that I suppose, but a central site would make more sense.

Great Tim, could you post an example of your control. It would help other like myself facing this issue.

Regards Amit

Where can I post stuff?