Popup menu on iOS?

I just installed Xojo yesterday and I am trying out some simple interface building for iOS. I cannot find any control for popup menu functionality anywhere. Isn’t there one?
If not, how do people select a value from a list?

Thank you.


Use a table instead.

Or UIPicker from iOSKit

Use UIPicker.

The most common thing you see in iOS today is that a separate View with a table of values is displayed. When the user makes a selection in the table, the view is closed, returning the user to the prior view.

According to the IOS Human Interface Guidelines, the UIPicker and a table are the 2 ways to do this. Xojo doesn’t support the UIPicker yet. I think a table is easier to use, as you usually don’t have to scroll anything.

Are popovers supported or do I need to slide in a full screen view?


[quote=270770:@Andreas Thyholdt]Are popovers supported or do I need to slide in a full screen view?

In iOS touch, you do not have contextual click that is typical of the use of Popovers.

However, no, they don’t exist, you have to brew your own. I believe drawing it in a canvas could do very nicely.

Thanks again for fast and helpful advice.


… popovers are used on iOS and on iPhone6 you have contextual menu too…

Triggered by long press or otherwise ? Or now 3D touch ?

Years ago… I mean… a really long ago, when cell phones used smoke signals to transfer data… I had a smartphone. I forgot what kind. When I touched the screen for a few seconds, a small circle appeared, like a “donut-circle” as we would call it today. It grew over a few seconds. When the circle was completed, a contextual popup appeared.

To have something like that as a control in a Xojo app would be awesome.
As a matter of fact, I am trying to do something like that with a Canvas right now. That’s why I ran into this conversation :slight_smile: