Popup Menu / Combobox

Is there anyway to increase the height of these two controls? They default to 22px which is fine for 13pt font size
But I need them to be 28px with 18pt text to match all the Textfields I am using.

primarily for macOS, but need to be able to do same for Win10

Seems the default height on macOS is 22px, but on Win10 its 32px

too small on one, too big on the other

Windows should be no issue - you should be able to make them larger or smaller without issue afaik

macOS has its “ideal size” that it thinks controls should be and sometimes trying to make them larger simply doesnt work because the OS wont obey anyway. THis seems to stem from apple not always using scalable vector images for the artwork so you cant nicely scale them up or down although they have been using more & more vector pdf’s for the artwork.

Nope… unless a remote compile from a mac screws it up… I even tried some Windows declares I found here, and those didn’t work either. but 13pt text is quite small unless you have perfect vision (which at least for me I do not)

Windows DOES adjust the size, but not via what you set as the height, it seems to be based on the FONTSIZE you assign

macOS however stays at 22px, even though the dropdown menu DOES change size…

well go look at that

macOS might switch the popupmenu on if you use smallSystem or System as well

but thats as much flexibility as you get

just tried setting a combobox to 28 pixels tall in VB 6 as well and it doesnt work either
except as you noted by using a different font & font size
which is a damned hard way to control the size

Isn‘t that going about it the wrong way?

If someone has poor eye sight (like my father) then you set the resolution of the monitor accordingly.

That way ALL apps are large enough to be used.

And yours will stick out as way to large.

That‘s a lot of work for what exactly?

Will take time and afford, but you should be able to create a nice control yourself.

Again: what for???

Markus… changing the entire system resolution to solve one specific problem is by no means the correct approach.

Joost… I did :slight_smile:

You gave poor eye sight as the root problem, in which case changing the effective resolution of the monitor is the correct solution.

Alternatively you can change the font and font size used system wide (I know I can on my Mac).

I‘m still curious what the „specific problem“ was if it is not poor eye sight.

Markus… not going to argue… I asked a specific question to a specific control. I have the data I need… thank you