populating a weblistbox using a method not showing

Set the scene…
I am building a web application that has a weblistbox that needs to be populated by a database. The first screen that loads is the weblistbox which also has a segmentedcontrol to manage the flow between the various screens. I am using the most recent version of the IDE/Framework and with the exception of one thing (described below) things are going really well.

The issue:
The weblistbox is not being populated when the page initially loads. I built a method that does all the work and that method is called from the weblistbox.shown event. This is not working at the moment, however…

One of the segments in the segmented control is programmed to makes this screen visible, and in doing so calls the same method as before, however in this scenario, the data loads perfectly.

My question is:
Where should I be calling the method from so that it populates the weblistbox when the page first loads?

Thank you in advance!


Maybe when you call the method from Shown the database is not ready ? Try doing it with a short delay from a timer you launch in shown.