Populate fields on a web page

I’m wondering if this is possible with XOJO.

A user has a blog and wants to use a XOJO app to open the blog page and fill in some information from the XOJO app. Let’s say it’s first_name, last_name, current_date and content.

Let’s assume we know the correct name of the items on the web page, is it possible for XOJO to insert data into them? There is no API available, just a standard web site. BTW neither is a web app.

using executejavascript on an htmlviewer viewing that webpage it seems possible indeed.

It would need to work outside the XOJO app in any browser (the XOJO app doesn’t have an HTMLViewer nor will it be added).

I figure if things like Keyboard Maestro can do similar things it should be possible somehow.

:neutral_face: well, if you cant have control of the DOM with an htmlviewer, then you are answering yourself.

You can write a clone of Keyboard Maestro, Not directly available in Xojo but you can call the Native OS APIs to send keyboard/mouse events to other apps.

Depending of the blog engine he is using, he may be able to post a new Blog entey (and other many things) more directly using the provided Blog engine webhooks.

And maybe these may help:



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