PopOver with white Background (on Windows)

How can i use a white Background in a PopOver? I’d like to display QR Codes in a PopOver using a white Background. But i can’t find a workaround for this issue: https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/75942

Not even a Rectangle Control filled with &cFFFFFF shows up as such in a PopOver. :frowning:

Any Ideas?

‘sounds’ like its treating white as transparent.
Try using &cfffffe instead - does that work?

Unfortunately not.

I have now packed a timer in a container like this. In this timer, the blue value in Color.RGB(255, 255, 255, 0) is slowly reduced from 255 to 0 and I can watch the background of the container slowly change to yellow. But it never looks like a white background. :person_shrugging:

(Updated the Issue with a 2nd Example showing this Test)

Add a canvas in the background and paint it white?

Nope. White is not allowed… :wink:

I’m not sure I get it.

You’re saying at 255,255,254 it’s so yellow that it is obviously/massively not white (enough)?
Or 254,254,254?
Given how much color profiles and ‘night mode’ mess with onscreen color anyway…

No. With 255,255,255 it’s showing the Background Color as Color.FillColor (the System Window Background Color?) and from there it slowly fades to yellow.

So at 255,255, 255 you get window background color
That could be red.

So 255,255,254 gets you a tiny bit orangey, or extremely pale yellow?

How about create a bitmap and fill it with a color. 255, 255,255,255 where the alpha channel is full on, and draw that in the paint event?

No. At Background Color = RGB(255,255,255,0) you do not get white but the Standard System Window Background Color (grey in my Case).

It stays at (my) grey and the smaller the Blue Value goes, the more Yellow the Background goes.

I have 2 examples added to this case. :wink:

I really whish i had more time to test various things, but i don’t. :disappointed_relieved:

A very very quick check on the properties of a popover show me that it is designed to be translucent, and partially show what is below it.

The Xojo docs show that, as well as a control place on the window that does have a white (or white enough) background.

I really wish i had more time to test various things, but i don’t.


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And this works on macOS, but not on Windows. :wink:

Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll try a bitmap when I get around to it. However, I hope that the problem no longer exists in the future.

I tried it with a Picture created in Memory. Used this as Backdrop in the Open Event of the Container, with the same result that the Background was colored in System Window Background Color.

Maybe Xojo should deactivate Translucency for Windows (or it should respect the System Setting, Windows and macOS, both have such a Setting).

According to the ticket, it looks like the Xojo Devs found and fixed the bug two hours ago. :slight_smile:


The ticket says that William removed the translucent effect so the “white” could be “white”. Not sure if it will result in something people will like until seeing the results (that will show up on 2024R2).

The Xojo Windows PopOver looks like a Windows XP thing. Couldn’t it be something more Win UI 3 ? Rounded borders at least?


And the “window notch” (pointer) should follow the background color too.