PopOver and DesktopLisbox issue

When put a DesktopListbox inside a window shown has popover, you get a delta on clic row and selected row.


I added a video to the ticket.
I was not sure about the meaning of ‘delta’.

“delta” in this context means “difference” or “offset”. Example: “The price delta between the fancy bagel and the plain bagel is $1.25.”

Xojo’s listbox has been incompatible with Popovers for as long as I can remember. I was hoping that when Xojo added support for Popovers, they’d pay attention to feedback request I made, and also the information I provided several years ago, heck even the information I provided this year.

Link to information on IF NOT NIL removed because it is prohibited.




Yeah, we have been working on it… and looks like the bug has been squashed; just some more testings from our side.

Thank you so much for reporting it @Valdemar_De_SOUSA !! :+1:


Thanks to you @Javier_Menendez :wink:
Good job