Following the example in the “Example Projects/Communication/Internet/Email Example” project I’ve tried to setup retrieving email from an O365 email box. So far the only thing I’ve been able to do is connect. I am unable to retrieve any of the emails…

My workflow is:

  • In a button, I connect to O365
  • In the MailSocket ConnectionEstablished I show a msgbox that says connected. It works until then.
  • In the same button, after establishing the connection I call the MailSocket.CountMessages
  • In the MailSocket.CountMessages I get the count…it fails here. If i turn a breakpoint on in this method…it never gets there.

I also have MailSocket.ServerError display a msgbox with the ErrorMessage in it. This never shows up, so I’m assuming there is no error.

Any suggestions on what I might be missing?

I’ve not used Office365, but with Gmail you have to specifically turn on POP support in the settings. Maybe Office365 is similar?

ConnectionEstablished means that the socket has made a TCP connection to the remote port. From the LR:

Do you get a LoginSuccessful event?

And are you using the appropriate ConnectionType for the remote server?

Thank you for the replies…

Paul…O365 has a similar feature, which I have validated is allowing POP3 connections.
Tim… No, I’m not getting a LoginSuccessful event. If I place a breakpoint in this event, it never reaches it. Strangely, an error is never reported. :frowning:
Tim…Regarding the ConnectionType, yes I am. I’m able to successfully send an email, but not retrieve one.