Polling xojo git users - how dare-devil are you with branching/merging etc?

I have migrated most of my projects from SVN to Bitbucket (Atlassian’s git-wrapper) and using SourceTree to manage the local repositories. The xojo project I am now starting to work on is saved as xojo_project and everything is in text except for a 10MB blob of “xojo_resources” (that actually scares me). Currently I’m the only one working on this project, but one of the reasons to migrate to git is to allow more developers to work on the code.

In my PHP and JavaScript projects I have learned that git works extremely well with GitFlow for branching, merging etc. We are two developers using JIRA and Bitbucket in combination to manage issues and keep track of all changes. We have reached that level of confidence with this type of project so JIRA and Bitbucket takes care of all merging of branches on the server and we just pull the new GitFlow generated branch to work on an issue.

Is it possible to achieve this confidence when working on a xojo project?
How you use git and what problems have you encountered?

Any input greatly appreciated!

I do wish the text based xojo_project format was even more developer friendly, it would be great if it was a truly clean format without all the tags etc, would make resolving merge conflicts that little bit simpler.

Having said that, I’ve been using the age-old feature-branch => develop => master flow with git for a long time, and never had a merge issue I couldn’t resolve, even when I created some really daft conflicts.

Thanks for the feed-back, really nice to hear. In our setup we are manage the branching in Bitbucket as so far (knock on wood), all merges have been successful.