Poll: XojoUnit platforms

For what project type(s) do you actually use the XojoUnit framework? (Check all that apply.)

  • Desktop
  • Web
  • iOS
  • Console

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Good information so far.

Shouldn’t be there a None choice?

You might get people not using it click on something to see the result. Curiosity killed the poll and all that …

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And possibly a “What’s XojoUnit?” Option.


I would assume that one would not vote at all in either of those cases, but maybe that’s just me…

What’s XojoUnit?


It’s you and me but that is the reason polls have a “show results” link - otherwise there is very limited validity to a poll’s result.


Since there’s no “None” option any/all of those votes wont be counted which skews the results
That could result in a much smaller sample size than desired for this to be useful or informative

So far, it seems like it is rarely used in iOS.

… of those people who use it at all …

Sorry, voted to early (for Desktop). I had never heard about Text Unit before.

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Almost over. If anyone else uses it, please vote.