I wonder what would happen if everybody who has feedback points allocated to scheduled cases were to move those points to case #30?

Well, it would go up to #1 case.

But this is already #14 now. And I bet the debugger will not be improved until they moved to LLDB, the debugger for LLVM compiler.

I’ve just changed my support for this request from the second position of my allocated points, to the first position.

Now at #12.

This really is one of those small changes that could potentially have a massive positive impact on the development experience.


Which case you are talking about?

case #30

now at #10.

Oh geez. Literally, case #30. LOL.

u got my 60 Points… now at #6

It would be helpful to others who read this forum on a tablet or smartphone to include the feedback title. That way they know what is being talked about.

30 - Show a tooltip while debugging.

as Norman already said: It shows the value of variables as tooltip on mouseover in source while debugging… was really a neat Function back in VB6 times 14 years ago…