Polaroid Cube+ mini-camera

I just ordered the yet to be released Polaroid Cube+ camera… this tiny camera has WiFi and comes with an app for iPhone/Android
So it either records internally on an SD card, or on your iPhone

I was wondering if anyone had experience with WiFi cameras (in general)? What I would like to be able to do is use it as a web-cam, or capture the wifi video in a desktop app

Have you considered a Raspberry Pi, wifi module and camera module? Easily programmed to your needs.

Not related to my question…

No? A wifi camera, that can capture video to an SD card in a line of Python or (soon) Xojo?

Sheesh, tough crowd.

my question is specific to the Polaroid Camera…

so I am looking for someone that might have expericnece with this type of thing, that might be able to lend some insight into what might need to be done (or could be done) with the Cube+ once I get it (it will be here in 2 wks)

Do you know if it has an open sdk? I can’t find anything about that, just that it connects to their Cube+ app.

that is all I can find as well, I have other plans for the camera, but thought if I count intercept the wifi on my desktop I could find other uses for it

I use the Nest DropCam, but the only way I’ve seen to record is to use their service.

I guess I’m not being clear… .this isn’t about getting a webcam… Logitech makes dozens, its not about recording video on the desktop… there are solutions available for that…

Its about finding someone interested in providing something that does NOT exist… and that is creating a solution for the new Polariod Cube+

They just dont seem to have ANY docs about the thing

Since the last bankrupcy, Polaroid is nothing but a brand licensor, with no more technology than pens used to sign contracts. Not surprised they do not have any technical information.

If you could find out who builds it for them, you will probably find much more data. Unfortunately this means going through pages and pages of Alibaba :wink:

It’s probably just a Raspberry Pi, wifi module and camera module, easily programmed to their needs…

not likely, since the whole unit is only a 35mm cube… Pi is larger than that

a quick perusal of the output of the strings command against the posted firmware file* leads me to suspect that this is either a repackaged Logitech c930e or something VERY darned close to it

or just download http://polaroidcube.com/media/VSN_V3FWImageFWAppPack_CUBE.bin and poke away :stuck_out_tongue:

but I cant find what CPU this code is for

Well the signature seems to match a c930e… BUT the c930e is only 3megapixel. The Cube+ is 8megapixel

Just saying that the strings look a LOT like the c930e - not identical nor is this more than “Huh aint that curious they look a lot alike”

Understood… I did some searching myself… and I can see where it might be that… be interesting if any of us can ferret out the real skinny

Try emailing support?