PNG image resolution issue on canvas on linux

Hi All

I have a PNG image, which I have backdropped it on the canvas. The resolution of the image looks good on mac, but on the Linux the resolution is very bad. I have attached the screenshots below.

Can you please let me know , how can the resolution be increased on the linux machine?

please post the code you are using to display this image,

Hi Dave

Below is the code I used for displaying:

Dim name As String = “page-”+Str(pagenumber,“000000”)+".png"
Dim preview As FolderItem = Self.PreviewPath.Child(name)

Self.originalPict = Picture.Open(preview)

//Draw the picture into the canvas
Dim PreviewPict As New Picture(self.cvsClipPreview.Width,self.cvsClipPreview.Height,32)


Self.cvsClipPreview.Backdrop = PreviewPict

Between your screenshot and your code, it looks like Linux is just as bad as Windows used to be at scaling (it’s not easy).

Have a look at where I posted some code for bilinear interpolation. This should also work on Linux.