Plugins written in Xojo for Xojo

I was wondering… is it possible to write plugins for Xojo in Xojo?

And if so… can you distribute these plugins in a binary form for re-use by other developers?

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Xojo plugins made with Xojo are now called Xojo libraries. Not available yet.

You can see it at number 3 on the roadmap.


Ok great, definitely looking forward to that feature. :star_struck:

Thank you for the info Alberto.

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Plugins written in xojo were announced on the xojo’s 2016 Developers Conference so… dont hold your breath for them.


That was a very different idea, and subsequently scrapped.

anything in the roadmap can be available tomorrow… or not in 10 years…

It can be removed/changed from the roadmap too, that’s why they have a big warning there.