Plugins Pro Update - Manage Your Xojo Plugins

A new version of Plugins Pro is available now!

Plugins Pro helps developers install, manage, and update plugins. Offering many great features specific to Xojo developer needs, the app helps users of Einhugur, GraffitiSuite, and MBS.

  • Show / find plugin versions in an easy way
  • Check for plugin updates online (for free!)
  • Manage multiple sets of plugins
  • Enable or disable plugins without uninstalling them
  • Manage plugin licenses
    • Decrypt Einhugur right from Plugins Pro
    • Generate obfuscated Xojo code to register MBS plugins

Plugins Pro 1.0.7 update updates the code generator, offering API 2.1 (Array.Add instead of AddRow, etc). For convenience, Plugins Pro now remembers which API was selected.

More information available on the website!


I had wanted to release this with the IDE update on Tuesday, it’s an update for Plugins Pro!

Version 1.3.1

New: Support for 2022r1.1
New: Can now disable double click to edit plugin set names
New: Non-focused row selection color for the versions list to more clearly indicate what version is selected
Fixed: License manager window default sort indicator
Fixed: Inconsistent behavior from the Download Updates button
Changed: Exception reporter updated

More information and download links on the website!

Happy coding!


Bumpity bump! Wow it has been a while.

Nothing too exciting, just added support for identifying 2022r3, r3.1, and r3.2. Thought updating this thread might catch the eyes of some folks who may not have heard of Plugins Pro before :slight_smile:

Version 1.3.3

New: Support for 2022r3

More information and download links on the website!

Happy coding!


it’s wierd, some Einhugur plugins are sorted in imported:
Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 04.55.25

ps: your site looks wierd on Brave:
Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 04.58.10

how do you manage two copies of xojo in applications ? i used this app before it opens old xojo plugins folder, not new one

Thanks for the reports! I will have to look into those issues.

Personally, I need to do this so infrequently these days that I find it easier to manage multiple copies of the application support folder of Plugins Pro. I just rename one of the folders to not be “seen” by Plugins Pro to manage a different Xojo installation.

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 08.09.57

For this, you can select from the Tools menu “Migrate Plugins Folder” to move your current setup into your new installation, or alternatively you can delete the me.timi.pluginspro folder to reset Plugins Pro and start fresh.

Hmm… I currently need to manage 3 Xojo Versions with Plugins for various product builds… :wink:

I’ve selected one Xojo Version installation - and now Plugins Pro obviously always shows me that one.
How to switch to another Xojo Version installation on Windows? Where are the preferences saved on Windows?

Switching between them by fiddling with preference files (or maybe even Registry on Windows?) doesn’t seem as comfortable as being able to choose different “Xojo setups” within the management app…

Ah… here they are: (User Home)\AppData\Roaming\me.timi.pluginspro

Should have been obvious - sorry for the noise :wink:

I would agree with that feeling.

No worries! I’m always happy to get feedback and help people use my software. :slight_smile: