Plugins not loading - again

I have just upgraded to Big Sur from Mojave and from Xojo 2019 r3.1 to r3.2. I have also purchased updated versions of MBS. Using a Mac Pro Late 2013.

None of the Plugins are loading - including the ones shipped with Xojo. My license key is properly installed. The Plugins are copied to the plugin folder of r3.2. Xojo loads fine and compiles my code except that about 300+ error messages are generated because the plugins are loaded.

If I remember correctly I had a similar problem a few years ago and it was something about the IDE being quarantined. Is this still a problem? If so, what are the terminal commands to correct the problem.

What other issues may be at fault?

Thanks guys.

Maybe this thread will help?

Yep, it was quarantined. Terminal command fixed it.

Why does this happen?

I’ve never personally had this issue, but I have this page bookmarked:

Use LittleSnitch for quarantine warnings. If the started app is quarantined then you will get an error message that rules can’t be made permanent because the app is quarantined.

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Please go in Feedback and favorite/subscribe to our feedback case:

58591 - Detect quarantine for Xojo app

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