Plugin wishes for macOS 10.15?

You may all be watching videos from WWDC and learn what’s coming soon for macOS and iOS.

Now the are a lot of new APIs, but I’d like to know from you what you’d like to see in our plugins for Xojo.

Usually we provide lower level wrapper for Xojo to Apple’s APIs for macOS with hiding all the threading issues from you and translating values from native Xojo types to the matching Foundation types. As there is currently no iOS plugin SDK for Xojo, we can’t make all features available via declares.

If you have ideas and wishes, please email me. I’ll keep a list and if we have a lot of wishes for a given API, I may give it some priority.

Apparently Catalina will support Active Directory connections. While I don’t need it, I assume others will as a means of authorisation into Xojo desktop services.

Do you have more details? Macs have been able to integrate with AD for a long time so I’m not sure what this means.

My comment is based on this article:

I authorise my apps to my internal databases, but a common questions is pre-authorisation via Active Directory, since users must have already entered their username and password to reach your application, so why not use those credentials.

Well, I thought about using OpenDirectory functions to query current LDAP/Active Directory login.

What about making the ‘Authenticate with Apple’ more easily available?

We’ll see. Maybe we can offer the button as control for Xojo.


Sign In with Apple would be a big one for me.