Plugin Signin and MAS

I try to upload to the Mac App Store my new app. Transporter tell me there’s 26 problems with y pkg. All of them are similar

Asset validation failed (90284)
Invalid Code Signing. The executable ‘fr.gorilladev.idocuments.pkg/Payload/’ must be signed with the certificate that is contained in the provisioning profile.

Did you sign the plugins and then the app around it?

I don’t really understand what do you mean @Christian_Schmitz

For now I make test with App Wrapper 4

Sending a Xojo App to MAS looks very difficult :saluting_face:

It’s not really. The trick is that in addition to signing the app, you also need to sign some of the items inside of the app bundle… and those things need to be signed first. All those dylibs they reported , they need to be signed with your certificate.

App Wrapper is a great solution and it does all this work for you.

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Thanks to App Wrapper it’s THE solution

It’s smell good my App is uploaded to AppStore Connect and appear in TestFlight. For now the status is

Not available for testing

Maybe I have to wait a bit more for Apple verification…

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