Plugin not loading 2020r1.2

I’ve created a plugin that has single method - Click(). This method uses functions and structs from winuser.h, if that’s important at all.

This plugin successfully builds for both 32- and 64-bit targets with the following log for both of them:
I’m certain that the plugin is packaged correctly, according to PluginPackaging.rtf. Although, whenever I place it in the Xojo’s Plugins folder, it isn’t loaded. I have packaged it with only the Windows and Windows x86-64 DLLs, no other platforms.

According to all known laws of everything, this should work, but it doesn’t. Coding in a nutshell. Any help? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I noticed the build warnings in the previous log. I have since fixed those to no avail.
New log:

You need to restart the ide and have the correct folder structure…

I did restart the IDE, and as I said, the folder structure is correct (unless you’re talking about the source structure).

And you have the correct build setting to 32 or 64 bit depending on your plugin?

Check dbgViewer.exe if xojo is reporting something to it

I have it set to build both 32- and 64-bit DLLs that I put in the corresponding build resources folders. dbgViewer.exe yielded nothing from Xojo.

I would not trust the RTF, take one plugin that works and unzip it to examine its directory structure.

Then unzip your plugin and compare. (Yes also compare with the unzipped yours, not just from before you zipped it)

I have already done this. My package structure matches exactly those of the default database plugins, minus the other OS’s that the latter have been built for.

Does your plugin even work when its not packaged ?

As in you can put the 64bit DLL directly in the Plugin Directory to test. (just remember to set the Build target of the Xojo application to 64 bit)

(Testing in same way for 32 bit will not work since the IDE is 64 bit)

It actually does work when it’s not packaged, which is new information to me :smiley:

My package structure:
–> AutoClickPlugin
-----> Build Resources
--------> Windows
-----------> AutoClickPlugin.dll
--------> Windows x86-64
-----------> AutoClickPluginx64.dll

In quick look then it looks correct.

Question if some of the IDE Resources folders might be needed also (I always have them and have had for years but no particular reason I guess).

I would name both DLLs the same (though is not the cause of this problem that you have now).

You could try going to my web, grab the TypeLib plugin, then rename it to Zip, pull out the DLL’s from it and stick yours in there instead to test. (then you get the rest of the structure)