Plugin loaded, but not accessible

Hi All - got a weird one.

I’ve just switched a laptop (Lenovo Legion, latest Win11 etc. etc.) and installed Xojo for development work, switching from an older HP laptop running the same version of Windows. I need to run v19.3.2 for legacy application reasons and have copied across all of the plugins that are working perfectly on the older laptop.

Weird thing is, that I am getting hundreds of errors when trying to start the application (a web app, but this is happening in the Xojo debug even before the app gets to run) caused by the CubeSQLServer class not being recognised.

Looking at the loaded plugins, it IS present in the list, but is still not accessible. It is available for the auto-complete editor, but the plugin itself does not seem to be available for use when building the application.

Anyone seen this before? It maybe a really simple thing that I’m missing and I just need a second pair of eyes, but as far as I can see the setup is identical to the older HP laptop.

Are you using the plugin from SQLabs?

I had this happen before and could never figure out why it was giving these errors , just went and downloaded the plugin again and everything worked.

Maybe works for you? Worth a try anyway

Thanks for the reply Brian - but unfortunately, this is the SqlLabs plugin we are talking about. Just in case there was a versioning issue (though I can’t see it would give these specific results), I have downloaded the plugin again and used various versions from other desktops to try it out.

Right now, it is back to the same SQLabs version that was working on the HP.

Maybe you need to install something more like the Visual Studio Runtime libraries?
e.g. get installer here:

Thanks Christian - had thought of that, so actually installed a full CubeSQL on the laptop to get everything that CubeSQL would normally want, but to no avail. The laptop is being used as a bit of beast as well, so pretty much every app installed wanted to add the redistributables in any case :smiley:

Not sure that it is this side of things however, as while Xojo is saying that it is present and available, debug says does not exist. Not compiler errors etc. so I think that these errors are being raised at the initial parser stage, as it would report if a local class was used and not yet defined.

Do you have the correct 32/64 bit type selected in the build settings?

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Yeah, tried that when I first encountered this, but no difference. I’ve had to switch back to the old machine for now to continue supporting the application when I’m out an about - just getting an aching shoulder having to cart around multiple laptops :smiley:

Could you run the old system in a virtual machine?