Plugin help is still non-existant

After all those years, there is still no decent help for plugin development.

How can I find any decent information?

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Einhugur plug-ins have pretty decent help info baked in (Xojo Help menu). MBS not so much, unless you enjoy trawling through a gazillion pages of computer-generated stuff with little useful info (you need to look at the example projects to make any sense).

OK but Xojo should provide those informations !

Well, you know the drill: file an enhancement request via Feedback, and try not to hold your breath while you wait.

…and I should say that Xojo must already have some functionality, since the Einhugur help is baked into the plugins and does appear in the IDE Help menu. Not to mention autocomplete support.

Do you mean help for developing plugin or using plug-ins in your Xojo Code?


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Help will come when Xojo will be able to create plugins…

Read the Roadmap file:

funny one!

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have you looked in the installed sub folders?
i believe there was a example project.

The way I understood OP, they’re asking for the documentation on building plugins. Which, as nobody here seems to have admit yet, is really thin.

I haven’t had a great experience filing tickets requesting documentation on the more “professional level” aspects of Xojo. I had asked for clarifications and improvements to the WebSDK documentation. The tickets were marked as fixed, but the PDF did not change. PDF was also a terrible choice for the documentation, it’s hard to read (no dark mode – y’all remember for my eyes dark mode is an accessibility thing) and hard to navigate.

OP I wish you the best of luck building your plugin. With the documentation being what it is, you’ll probably have more success asking specific questions.

Just look into Extras/PluginsSDK.

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xDev Magazine issue 11.6 has a small article on creating plugins by Matt Gardner. I haven’t tried his examples but Matt sounded just as frustrated so maybe it will help.

I have not had to start from beginning obviously for some decades. (so maybe a bit outdated on how good or bad documentation is)

But in all fairness then I think most things are covered in the Plugin examples.

Main thing that had always been issue was that Xojo often did not check each version if things compile easily with latest dev tools. And packaging is a mess for new users.

Its not fair to expect Xojo to teach users C or C++ per say. And making plugin is complicated task, users often start with way to big goals. It is a baby step process. Me and Christian and others all went through that, Start with making one simple method do something, make a simple class, etc, expand on what you have, and expand your goals as you grow.

And of course ask questions that fit your stage in the baby step process.