Plugin controls get Empty colors and empty booleans for properties in 2022r4 and r4.1

Feedback Case Number: * #72081.

Plugin controls get Empty colors and empty booleans for properties in 2022r4 and r4.1 on macOS. (possibly also for other property types)
The controls basically get empty presets.

  1. Grab CustomButton plugin (Demo is fine)

  2. Install the plugin.

  3. Open Xojo IDE on macOS 2022r4 or 4.1

  4. Drag one of the button types into the designer.

You will see all color properties are completely black and booleans are also all defaulted to off. (Which is wrong).
Do same on Xojo 2022r3
‚Üí Everything is fine.

The issue is so bad that I am canceling all official support for Xojo 2022r4 and 4.1 in our products.


@Christian_Schmitz what is the level of concern of this misbehavior in your plugins?

This only affects plugin controls. Basically the property bag does not get initial state when you drag new control onto the screen.

Which on some controls can make your product look as if it is completly broken to new users.

We will have someone look into it right away. It’s odd that this wasn’t reported until now. Even some of the built-in controls are plugins…

Its discovered late because for old users they have their projects and everything just works.

While new users that start dragging in controls, thats where the problem comes, which probably explains the lag in identifying it.


Reproduced with Xojo Control

Bevel button has almost everything off by default… (so was not obvious to notice it there)


in 2022r3 allow Focus is by Default true but in 2022r4 it is by default false.

Well, we also have plugin controls.
So when you drop them on the window, they may not have the default settings, but all off.

But we don’t have that many properties with values inside, that you’d miss, so a low impact.