plist questions.

I have the code below in a build script, which makes my app retina compatible.
I thought the code below wrote to the info.plist file, but when I view the plist file - there is no string containing NSHighResolutionCapable?

Have I understood it incorrectly, and the code writes the string elsewhere?

Dim App As String = CurrentBuildLocation + "/""" + CurrentBuildAppName + ".app""" Call DoShellCommand("/usr/bin/defaults write " + App + "/Contents/Info ""NSHighResolutionCapable"" YES")

Also, I am running Mavericks, and the checkbox called “This Computer” is checked in the build settings area of the navigator, but when I view the plist file - it says LSMinimumSystemVersion, with a value of 10.6.0?

How do I make my app Mavericks only?

Thank you all in advance.

You may want the actual declares and, if so, that’s fine, but I’ll share with you the simple solution which I, and others on this list, use.
App Wrapper. It handles both indicating that your app is Retina compatible and setting the minimum system for you.

The NSHighrez flag is a boolean, so you’ll see the flag as a title and a boolean value; it won’t be a string.
Make sure you’re doing this build step after the product is built, the property list must exist first :slight_smile:
To make it Mavericks only change that value to 10.9.0

Thanks Tim and Roger.
I will use App Wrapper, but until I purchase it, how do I perform the build step AFTER the app is built?

I simply have the build script in the navigator? Is that not correct?


Oh I can’t seem to find any option for pre/post build for the scripting.
dunno :confused:

That’s what I get for trying to be helpful.

There’s instruction in App Wrapper and App Wrapper Mini on how to add the scripts to your Xojo projects.

Once the build script has been added to your project, drag it below the “Build” step.

Ahhhhhh, thanks Sam.

No worries