please test my chat client

heres my chat client dunno if it will connect or not…

i have the server side running already by the way

It doesn’t connect for me. The problem is that it’s using as the IP. This IP address is reserved for use in local networks and can’t be used over the Internet. Users would need the public IP address of the server in order to connect.

thank u andrew

any solutions?

It really depends on your network setup, but you probably need to set up some kind of port-forwarding on your router/firewall.


ok i got the client side to show the public ip but how do i get the server side to listen on the public ip

Dim s As New HTTPSecureSocket Dim t As String = s.Get("",10) MSGBOX T

Your router or internet gateway receives all inbound requests to your public IP. You have to configure the router/gateway to forward incoming connections to the server’s local IP.

thank u sir!

would it make sense to use a shell to set these parameters?

Most consumer routers have a web-based user interface for port forwarding and similar parameters. I’d use that if it’s available.

well shit…

hey andrew if i get this runnning would u like the source i have so far?

And some ISP providers won’t allow you to accept incoming requests… so no matter what you did, nobody outside of your internal LAN could ever reach your server. Not saying that your ISP does this, but mine does (Cox Commuications, one of the largest in the United States)

I don’t really need code for a chat client right now, but I wouldn’t mind taking a look.

Windows only… Any chance for a Mac build?

ill build for both i gotta set my router to forward ports, my bro has the password so i have to wait til he gets over here