Please resolve the following issues…

Please resolve the following issues:

If you check all entries (and have far more than two or three…) and click in Resolve, avoid to click in Cancel: (?)

You will get as many locate dialog as you have selected entries…

I those cases (usually with AppleScript), I run, check where the dialog opens, then click in Cancel and locate manually in the Finder where the data are, then re run and locate now that I know where to search.

Here, I have to click nth times in Cancel… Weird (for me).

Nota: the example project I use to make the above description have a folder who holds the “missing” images… beside the loaded project and the dialog to choose one image opens elsewhere (probably at project old location, but I am not sure of that).

If it opens the dialog in the project folder, the search ough to be nice…

Also yes; I can choose only one enttry, check… and I will end with - eventually - only one click in Cancel…

And you ?

No, only if each entry is located in a different folder.

I would be happy if i could just see which file is missing in the locate window. This info is lost since Mavericks on OS X or a few Xojo Versions back, i think.

I was not searching a workaround, but (tried to state) stated that the current way to do things is counter intuitive.

After creating the conversation, I tried to solve the issues and found that if you:

a. check one entry (only one entry), search where it is now stored in my hard disk
b. solve it
c. All other issues in that folder are automatically resolved.

Repeat from a to c for all other entries located in different folders *

Of course, if you put everything in a large (to very large) folder, you only need to locate one folder and the process is less boring / but not very intuitive…

I also have this kind of troubles elsewhere is Xojo (in the ide, sometimes I start a line of code only to get the auto-complete to no available because I have to type the variable to get the returned value, the equal sign and THEN ONLY the instruction I want to know the auto-cpmplete option I am seeking…)

  • I tend to place images (in that case) in different folders depending on their usage (icons files in a folder, XPlatform images in another, etc.).


here with Yosemite (10.10.5), this information is provided.

In fact, I get the local path (what for if it is not used ?) and the previous full pathname (maybe useless if the project folder have moved).

If I had to give an advice, I would say that the IDE have to search the missing files in the folder where the project resides (using the local path), then… if not found, provide that window. But, Xojo engineers know far better than me, so I do not gave any advice.

This is what i see:

No where in the first screen i can see that “classPreferences.xojo_code” is what Xojo is looking for. :frowning:

BTW: The Dialog opens with a Folder from the previous loaded Project…

Apple decided to do away with the file dialog title. It may not be that easy to reinstate.

A simple notification displayed immediately before the file dialog would do very nicely.

The missing file dialog title is new to the Captain. A notification displayed before using the file dialog may fail due to my failing brain - it can retain such things for only very few seconds.

But yes, the dialog for searching for these file is annoying. In most cases multiple files are found when they are in the same folder.

If a notification does not do, it is not out of this world to display a small borderless window with the “please locate such and such” above the file dialog.

At any rate as it stands, it is all a guessing game.

Yeah we know - thank Apple for that UI wonder :slight_smile:

But this does not mean that you won’t work around this,or? :wink: