Playing local mp4 files in WebMoviePlayer

Hello everyone.

I tried code which Phillip Zedalis shared last year.

I am using it to play local mp4 files in Web Movie Player. Playback works without problems, but I stuck when it comes to rewind. On every click it returns position to start. Files are properly encoded for HTML5 players, but rewinding is not possible. I need to implement frame accurate player, but didn’t find any which works when its using links from App ( same file uploaded on different location works without problems ). Last player I tried is JWplayer, but I have only playback. Same thing happens when I load files in any online test player using link from Web App.
Is it possible that something in creating file makes trouble?
All files I’m using are mp4 with bitrate ~650 Kbps.
Also, is there any other way to achieve playback of local files? I tried putting FolderItem in WebFile and it allows me only to download file, which works perfectly, but trying to play in WEB Movie Player gives me just disabled player, it looks like it cannot load file.

Thank you.

So usually the issue is in how video streams are encoded. They’re not one full frame after another, but depending on the algorithm used, each frame is actually based on the previous frame(s). In asking a player to rewind by a frame, you’re asking the browser to run the decoder in reverse. It’s more likely that it’ll go back the the last keyframe it can retrieve and work from there. Now depending on the web server being used, that may mean going all the way back to the beginning. In the case of the current web framework, that’s exactly what happens. I suspect if you were to serve the mp4s from a web server like Apache or a CDN that supports streaming you’d find that you’d be able to go back in smaller steps.