Playground graphics

hi all,

i’m working on a tool for draw realtime graphics on screen

he use xojoscript code for drawing on canvas (all graphics commands supported), support also images

you edit the code like the event Paint for drawing in real time, the difference is just your not hitting the .g for properties and methods

you can store illimited of scripts, export code to Xojo, print or save screenshoot

usual for testing graphics ui without using (run,debug,edit code,…)

video demo here:

available with source code for 50$ in some days

perhaps I am missing something… but could you explain the context in which a developer would use this? If it is to prototype a UI, then isn’t it duplicating effort? you prototype it here, then still have to write the “real” code later? especially seeing as it doesn’t look like the syntax is compatiable… I may be wrong here, and perhaps you can explain it in more detail?

This will certainly make it easier to code custom interfaces elements (no code/run/exit) in pure Xojo.