Play Video from SQLite Database

I use SQLite database to store some mp4 video files for my App, How can I play a mp4 video file directly from the database without having to export it as a regular file first??

I don’t believe that you can. As far as I know the OS is going to expect to create a stream from a file.

You’d have to read the field as a BLOB and do the playback directly from the binary data.

You can play from a blob if you load the movie in a string and use the function OpenMovieFromStringMBS from our plugins.

What Christian said! You’ll pull the blob, and use that function…

I tried this technique, but it doesn’t work fine with big size videos,
It loads the whole blob to the memory then play it using the MBS function, is there any way to make a stream from the blob field directly so I can play big size videos without delay??

Well, for that we would need a some code to do the streaming.
Could you maybe have the db server put the blob externally in a folder which is also available through webserver, so you could stream it right away over web server?

This won’t satisfy my need, it’s not a client-server application, I need to stream the video from within the database directly,
The point from having the video inside a db is to secure the video from being played by other application, and store some other information with in the same file with the video. Can any one provide any suggestions to do that??