Play movieplayer at a slower speed - SOLVED

I would like to allow the movieplayer to be played at about 80% of normal speed. I found some old references to a deprecated property “MoviePlayer.Rate”. which sounds like it might be a speed control.

What I really need is a player with two features: Speed control and a button to repeat the last 5 or 10 seconds several times. This is for language teaching.
VLC will play slowly, but has no good way to make small moves in time other than a crude slider, so I thought of trying to write something.
any ideas?
Thank you for your time,
Linux Mint 18
Xojo 2016r4.1 and 2017r2.1

Only Christian would really be able to confirm this without you testing it but I believe his VLC plugin runs on linux, you then get control of things like:

VLCMediaPlayerMBS.Position as Double
Set movie position as percentage between 0.0 and 1.0. I’m sure you could calculate how much you’d need to subtract to go back by 5/10 seconds from the length of the movie.

VLCMediaPlayerMBS.Rate as Double
Get/Set the requested movie play rate.

But his control is free to trial so you could try it yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Julian,
Thank you. I wan’t aware of this in christian’s plugin. sounds like it should work.

Hi Julian,
The MBS plugin looked pretty promising at first, but the VLC clalsses appear to be only for Mac and Windows.

Hmm that’s odd, all those are listed as Linux compatible, Christian might be on tomorrow to shed some light on the problem.

Yes, it looked like it from the web page, but the sample projects won’t run in debug nor compile, (no such class …)
and in the open event, there is conditional code, #if targetMac and #if targetWindows, but nothing for linux.


Ping him, @Christian Schmitz is very responsive :slight_smile:

Why do you think they are only for Mac and Windows?

Documentation says Yes for Linux.

Christian did help me with this. I thought it was Mac and Win only because of the #if’s that never included Linux.
after changing “Unixpath” to “Nativepath” and deleting a property decared as CGContextMBS, I only had to create a new softlink to libvlc to match the name that the plugin was looking for.
It now seems to work and do what I need.
Thanks Julian and Christian

Don Jungk