play an audio stream (mp3) such as a radio


I try to read a MP3 stream from an internet radio.
Read a MP3 file from internet is easy. OpenURLMovie or OpenURLMovieMBS works fine.
But if the audio stream is in live, that doesn’t work.
I use “httpsocket” to read file and save it on local disk but I’ve got another problem : the file has without end (live streaming !)… No “download complete” event occurs.
So, impossible to get a file, except to interrupt it.

I’m looking for a function (or an example) to read and play directly a Audio Stream. Do you know how to do that ?

Up ?

I just tried that in an HTMLViewer open event : Music :slight_smile:


Maybe you could try with your live streaming URL…

Thanx for your reply. I’m going to try…

did you ever resolved playing a live audio stream ? I contacted support about the fact using the media player control it didn’t work on MacOS or Linux Arm. Plus the documentation is poor / contradictory of what works / doesn’t work any more on whatever OS.