Planning Xojo Developer Meetings in South California

We are visiting San Diego for the Filemaker Developer Conference in early August. While we are in the area, we like to offer some meetings for Xojo developers. We plan to visit Los Angeles as that’s our airport, San Diego for the conference and Las Vegas to see where next year’s Xojo Developer Conference will be.

Exact dates and times have not been set yet. But we give you two choices for each location. Please add yourself where you see fit with your schedule. For the date with most attendees, we’ll pick somewhere a restaurant, reserve a table and have dinner together. At least we try to find a place we can all sit and shop talk. If you have suggestion for good locations, please tell us.

Date Surveys

So for 7th or 8th August, we plan a meeting in Los Angeles:

For 9th or 10th, we plan one in Las Vegas, maybe the Monte Carlo Hotel where next year’s Xojo conference will take place:

And for 11th or 16th we plan a meeting in San Diego:

If you like to join a meeting, please add yourself, so we can find the best date. Also you may want to email us, so we put you on the list and inform you about progress. Meeting time will be around 6pm to 9pm. If you come later or leave earlier, that’s no problem (as with all our meetings). Later we may be at a bar and talk more if people have time.

For all meetings, we can discuss current Xojo 2013r2 release (not sure if it’s in alpha, beta or release state in august). And we can discuss about all your plugin related questions.

Personal meetings or trainings

It is also possible to have a personal training or meeting there, where we could review your projects, help you add plugin functions or show you what you can do with Xojo.

If you are living in that areas or you are there for holiday or a business trip, please join us. Please use the doodle survey to state when you could be available, so we choose the right day.

I am in San Diego… unfortunatly the San Diego Realbasic Users Group only survived two meetings

Good. So please tell when you have time. :slight_smile: