PinePhone: Anyone get it working with Xojo apps?

Xojo would be such a great tool to help open source phones along. I’ve tried adding armhf support into a few of the distributions and have not had any luck getting a Xojo console app to run on PinePhone.

This is what we dreamed of back in the day, a little server in your pocket where you could quickly write apps for real problems.

With apple announcing on device AI scanning, I’m ready to jump ship and would love to help make an open source phone an even better experience than what we have now. (Imagine an open source dialer with built in spam reputation for instance). You could even make an incoming call screen with an HTMLviewer with a preloaded google search of the incoming number. Let’s make this happen.

I don’t know anything, really, about the PinePhone or the OS is runs. If it’s just an ARM Linux distro, then I’d imagine it would work. I don’t think it would be worthwhile for Xojo to put a lot of effort in to a device with a massively low marketshare. It’d be helpful to know what errors you’re seeing (if any) when you try to launch an ARM app on a PinePhone, then maybe we could figure out what’s going on and get it running without any special treatment, assuming the device and OS meet the Xojo ARM criteria.

The cores are Cortex A53 the same as the Raspberry Pi 3 which is supported by Xojo so in theory it should work. Have you run the ArmTest app from here? UserGuide:Getting Started with Raspberry Pi - Xojo Documentation

Do you get an error message when running the Xojo app on the phone?

Yes, I think I got armhf support added to the apt-get package manager and kept running into road blocks. If I get a chance I will try again and report back here with the specific errors.

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