piDog Software releases version 1.12.1 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

Phoenix, AZ (August 8th 2018) – piDog Software has released version 1.12.1 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

piDogDataView, based on piDogScrollingCanvas is intended to be an easy to use, drop-in replacement for Xojo’s Listbox control, providing more capabilities and a more native feel.

With it’s latest release piDogSoftware has added a few new features and many bug fixes.

Features included in this release include:

  • New, easier to navigate documentation format and docset feed for Dash users
  • Major focus on improvements for Retina Macs and HIDPI for Windows Target including containers and PDF features
  • New CellWillEdit and CellDidEdit events allow for fine control of user editing of cell values
  • Improvements to drag and drop features
  • New RenderCell method allows for easy rendering of individual cells as Picture objects
  • Improvements and fixes for scrollers and native list headers
  • Also includes numerous bug fixes listed in the release notes

piDogDataView and piDogScrollingCanvas are a package and are available together encrypted for $129 or with source code access for $349. Both licenses include one year of updates from the date of purchase.

More information, full release notes and demo download available at: