piDog Software releases v1.8 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

Phoenix Arizona (November 29th, 2016) - piDog Software releases v1.8 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas.

DataView is a very powerfull replacement for Xojo’s built-in ListBox, providing many useful feature such as smooth-scrolling, column reordering, progress-bars, pop-up menus, and Date-Choosers. Able to handle a virtually unlimited data set, DataView’s native theme-compliance looks right at home under any version of Mac-OS, Linux and Windows that Xojo supports. DataView also supports Retina Displays on MacOS, HIDPI on WIndows, and Display Scaling on Linux! It also supports using ContainerControls to provide cell content for almost limitless capability.

New in v1.8:
Added ColumnResizingMode to specify the resizing behavior when resizing the control. ie a window resize
Added ColumnResizingUserMode to specify the behavior when the user is resizing a column by dragging the separator
Added AutoResizeable to listColumn to allow exclusion of a column from autoresizing behavior.
Added AllowsOverflow. True causes a horizontal scroller to be added when all columns are at minimum widths.
Now uses textarea for multiline cells and textfield for truncated cells
Added CellTextWrapMode and ListColumn.TextWrapMode
Added ContextualMenu Support to Headings
Added HeadingConstructContextualMenu and HeadingContextualMenuAction
Added ListColumn.HeadingAlignment
Added DrawInto method with optional hidescrollers parameter
Added ColumnResize Event
Added DragCells event

Prices are:
$99 encrypted
$199 encrypted, bundled with the other piDog modules/classes
$349 DataView/piDogScrollingCanvas source code access.
Check the website for renewal pricing.

Purchases made now throught December 4th receive an extra year of updates free.

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas are available for Demo and purchase at: