piDog Software releases piDogScrollingCanvas and DataView v1.5

Phoenix, Arizona - piDog Software is proud to announce version 1.5 of the piDogScrollingCanvas and DataView modules for Xojo.

piDogScrollingCanvas is a class based on Xojo’s Canvas class and adds many features including scrolling and zooming while managing most of the complicated calculations for the developer allowing simpler development of native feeling modern controls.

DataView is a list view class based on piDogScrollingCanvas. It provides superior performance, compatibility and customizability above other list based controls.

Both modules are for Mac/Windows/Linux 32bit/64bit and Retina compatible.

This update adds printing support to DataView, allowing developers a simple function to print a page of the list to a graphics context, with the ability to control background printing, header printing and printed column widths. DataView is also able to print into a specified area, allowing a list page to be included within a printed page.

This update also improves many aspects of DataView’s performance and reliability.

For full release notes, please see the download.

For more details and to download, visit

DataView is included with every piDogScrollingCanvas license and the two are available together encrypted for $99 or with full source-code for $349 with both options including a full year of updates.

For more information, contact:
Jim McKay