piDog Software has update DataView to Desktop API2

Phoenix, AZ (October 30, 2023) - piDog Software has update DataView to Desktop API2

DataView has been updated to Desktop API 2 with the release of DataView 1.17!

This release updates DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas to be based on DesktopCanvas and also updates the DataView API to conform to the new naming conventions of API2, such as CellBackgroundColor() becoming CellBackgroundColorAt() as well as moving from Constants to Enums so that values like AlignCenter become Alignments.Center.

Also in this release:

• Significant internal rendering improvements, in some cases leading to a 2x improvement in frame rendering rate during scrolling.
• Fixes for various rendering/scale issues involving BackdropImage and BackgroundPattern.

If you’re still working with API1, don’t worry. I’ll still be maintaining an API1 version (currently v1.16.2.1) with bug fixes where possible.

Visit DataView for Xojo – piDog Software to check out the changes!

Full release notes here →

If you’ve ever wished the Xojo Listbox control was a little more flexible, DataView may be what you’ve been looking for. With variable individual row heights, cell row span and column span, DataView can accommodate an endless number of layouts.

DataView also adds numerous other features, including Loackable Rows and Columns, Reorder-able Columns, ProgressBar cells, PopupMenu cells and DatePicker cells. You can even design your own cells using the CellContainer, subclassed from DesktopContainer- Add DesktopTextFields, DesktopCanvases, and whatever else you suits your needs.