piDog Software has released version of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

Phoenix, AZ (March 5, 2021) - piDog Software has released version of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

If you’ve ever wished the Xojo Listbox control was a little more flexible, DataView may be what you’ve been looking for. With variable row heights, row span and column span, DataView can accommodate an endless number of layouts.

DataView also adds numerous other features, including Reorder-able Columns, ProgressBar cells, PopupMenu cells and DatePicker cells. You can even design your own cells using the CellContainer, subclassed from ContainerControl- Add textfields, canvases, and whatever else you suits your needs.

DataView is subclassed from piDogScrollingCanvas, giving it a natural scroll behavior on macOS using a native NSScrollview to handle navigation. piDogScrollingCanvas also provides native scrollbar rendering on Linux and Windows and adds a smooth scrolling feel.

This release ( adds scroller arrows on Linux and Windows and a LazyRender setting to DataView to allow scrolling to take priority over complete frame rendering along with several other minor fixes.

Every DataView license includes piDogScrollingCanvas. piDogScrollingCanvas is also available with a standalone license and both are available with source code access licenses.

For full release notes and to download the demo projects, visit DataView – piDog Software

A 2.0 version is in the works! If you’d like to help test beta versions, please use the “Contact” link on the website.