piDog Dataview transfer project from Windows to Mac

I have a project created on Windows, which use piDog Dataview.
Now when I transfer this project (be it binary or text) to the Mac to compile it there, I get errors and cant compile it. When I load the project on Mac, it shows me lots of unresolved path related to Dataview. And when I resolve them, it shows me other errors. So how do I transfer a project which use piDog Dataview from Windows to Mac to compile it there???

What errors do you get? What format is your project in?

In my experience with xml/binary projects and external items Xojo uses absolute paths. Everything after the username need to have the same path or you will get errors.

If any items appear in the IDE in italics, they are external. Right-click on the items and select “Make internal” save the project and then try moving it to the Mac again.