piDog DataView Question

I’ve got a piDog DataView with 4 columns (0 through 3). Column(3) is set to editable. I want Column(3) to wrap the text (by character). I’ve tried the following in the Open event with no success … Anybody out there using piDog DataView that might be able to tell me what am I missing???

me.Column(3).TextWrapMode = piDogDataView.DataView.TextWrapModeCharacter

Don, what OS are you targeting? It seems to be working here with Mac 10.15.2
You may also need to call InvalidateAllCells to see the change if the list is already populated.

I just remembered that character wrap isn’t available on Windows targets. I’m working on a solution.

Well, that explains it (at least I’m not going batsh*t crazy like I thought) :smiley: … I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit OS

I just uploaded v1.15.1.4 with character Wrap support on Windows OS’s